Star Wars: League of Shadows

The Bloody Rescue (Mara)

Maerath had a conversation with Hansen in the morning were he revealed his investigation and details relating to Zaliff’s assassination plot. Afterwards there was a knock on his door which he answered.


Mara was trying to locate her old friend Maerath when guards opened fire on her suddenly. Being caught by surprise didn’t stop her from turning around and putting blaster bolts into them quickly. Not long after Lieutenant Darrius got involved along with two guards who were dispatched just as quickly. She mocked the Lieutenant saying “I expected more from the fighters out here, however you don’t even match Imperials.” As Mara moved to leave she made mention that she only was sparing him due to no bounty being on his head.

Tracking Maerath to an industrial mining world, it implicated a Textile Mill. She landed at the spaceport and got off the ship she was approached by the Dockmaster who she was very callus towards. They pointed out how she looked to cause trouble with her full suit so she removed her helmet for the time being. When asked how long she would be planet-side she said not more than twenty-four hours.

A group approached her they didn’t look attractive though one seemed to appear noblely. They offered some information when questioned about the textile mill. Three hundred credits wasn’t enough to soften his lips, but a blaster bolt to one of his friends sure helped. Mara then knew of a mill that fit with a secret entrance to find. As she made her way to the destination and looked at her datapad one of the thugs came up behind her which she spun around with her blaster rifle pointed at them. The thug yelled at her saying she would pay for killing his friend, she didn’t pay much attention or care to his words. A few bolts later and without taking a hit she put him down like all the others today she made a comment, “A lot of bodies today, that guy sure makes me busy when hes involved.”

Maya continued towards her objective making good time when some punk started making comments about her figure and sex. Feeling annoyed and not having a good day just put a bolt into him and was done with it. She made her way into the building and looked around. Quickly she made note of the lone rug in the center of the room she kicked it aside and was right in her judgement, a hidden passage was there. About fifteen minutes later she had cracked the lock with her computer talents and was inside. At an intersection she moved towards the sounds of people talking. There she discovered a lot of armoured men who simply labeled her as a traitor but she shouted “I will kill you for taking what belongs to me.”

While the fight waged on Mara noticed a guard make their way to ‘take care’ of a prisoner who she assumed to be Maerath. Not wanting any of that she traded a few more bolts before jetting across the room and catching her foot on a chair and landing face first on the ground. A thug used this chance to get in a good blaster shot on her. Afterwards she picked herself off and contiued her way to Maerath freeing him and while trading idle chit-chat ladened with insults she took out the remaining thugs.

When Darrius turned the corner he almost got a blaster bolt to the face but Maerath prevented that. After some awkward conversation there and back on the ship while returning to Plegia. At the house they were yelling for guards but stopped by Bishop who explained Maya was a friend though a bit misguided. When they were discussing what happened she explain the situation and how she tracked Maerath down. They brought up her needing to leave but perhaps remaining in the sector. Instead she opted to remove her armour and leave it on her ship to be able to stay by Maerath’s side. Only she knows the reasoning behind why but she claims it is for ‘Bishop’ can buy her dinner.

Aiding a Friend - Battle On The Yacht! (Maerath)

Lord Abney was upset as we rewatched a holovid broadcasting Zaliff‘s arrest. Darrius and I were tasked with proving his innocent. I persuaded the assassin with the force but his information didn’t change. Darrius knocked him over out of his chair trying to get further information but we were interrupted by a guard. After that we chose to look at the evidence, unable to find any discripincies I figured it was sliced. I copied the contents to my datapad but forgot to encrypt it. When we left the evidence room we got checked and I resorted to the force again to have him stop investigating my datapad.

We decided we needed to find a contact to assist us. With that thought in mind we visited Zaliff’s contact Royal at the Calm Waves Cantina. When we got there he was tossed out by miners which we discouraged when we re-entered with him. After a bit of time, and roughly three hundred credits we got contact information of a slicer named Tick.

Once we met Tick he gave us a run around, having to get credits, then get his slicing gear. I chose to contact my pirate friend Coreen. However she didn’t help me pointing out that even if she had the ability to help me she would have no drive or care to. Feeling more and more at a loss as to my ability to aid Zaliff I went to meet Darrius.

It seemed Darrius managed to secure the slicing gear though I have no doubt figuring how the day has been going at a cost. Returning to Tick we dealt with buisness and were told that it was either real or very skilled work and directed us to Gibson who would be appearing at a party on House Barnaba’s Space Yacht. I made a call to Lord Abney who after an hour got us to the yacht.

There we saw a rather beautiful girl who was with our target Gibson, I was informed that she had a great dislike for Zaliff. We needed to split them, after a bit they split up and I ended up in a duel. I lost my hand, once more. Making our way out of the party after some time Darrius told me about the arrangement. Then a blaster bolt interrupted our conversation as Duro Destructo and his new merry band was making a hold up. I didn’t care for his speech so I made my pressence known and as he yelled for his goons to attack me I lunged forward cutting one down and as another three moved to over-power me. As they closed in I removed all three of them in what seemed like record time. For all of his goons their numbers had been greatly cut already. I proceeded to cut down two more before turning my attention to Duro Destructo who is on an upper balcony. My gaze was interrupted as reinforcements barged in to try to outnumber us.

As the dust settled, forty duros later. I was told I wasn’t half bad by my duelist and I told him “Like wise.” we made no comment to the reporters as we left. It was just another day for me.Sometime passed as I waited on the shuttle off the yacht. Back at House Pelagia they inquired about the days actions. I found we were treated like celebrities, even I was no longer just another noble and was scheduled for an emergency operation to replace my mechanical hand once more.

At the end of the day after my surgery I was wiped. Got an encrypted call on my comlink. A raspy female simply said “We’re coming for you.” before hanging up.

Assassination and Insurrection! (Maerath)

I was standing with the nobles when Sol Fedun was giving his speech, and when he was shot. Zaliff and I gave chase on the believed assassin who was on the rooftops. While giving chase I tripped over a trash can and landed in the garbage, after wards I climbed to the roofs but lost sight of him. Over the comms I heard Zaliff had a sight on him. I gracefully landed to the market below and continued giving chase.

Someone cried in the market or was it shouts? Either way Zaliff and I seperated. He decided to check out the situation while I continued chasing the man. I caught the man afer tripping him with a crate that I moved with the force. He claims not to be the man, I am unsure so I brought him to the authorities. I met Zaliff after who states he encountered thugs with military grade weapons. Suspicious to say the least.

The man I caught wasn’t the one but Zaliff’s pupil managed to capture the right one with a few houseguards. They had to solve my mishap with credits to buy silence. Zaliff told them about the military weapons and while doing so made a messup mentioning my true name but I covered it up by making it into a contact of his.

We then got a page from one of his contacts that had information for him. He gave us info of tracking Pascel Byron down in to an old abandoned church in the Warehouse District. We snuck into the church while going upstairs a child stopped me by tugging on my cloak. He told me the people upstairs looked dangerous. So I told him to take his sister and hide then.

Our surprise is ruined by a crashing sound. Parcel tosses a thermal detonator downstairs harming innocents then jumped out of a nearby window. I dropped a thug before nimbly jumping over a ledge to the level before to aid people. I didn’t think initially acting on my instinct to protect others but after a few moments it came to me to equip my Rebreather. The fire caught my cloak and I got lightly shinged and I grab the two kids that I was hoping to find and make my way out of the building. I risked my identity to use the force to leap over the flame and carry them to safety.

They were crying and clinging to me. I talked to them with a soft voice to calm them, “It’s alright now, you’re safe.” They thanked me. Zaliff came up to me saying Pascel got a way. It was alright there would always be another chance for men like him. Oddly they assumed the children were the crooks when they weren’t. I cleared it up as the Reporters wanted to interview me. I declined but the kids spoke about my use of the force and moving ‘really fast’. Thankfully the Reporters just laughed.

Back at base were hailed briefly as heroes at our triumph and rescue of the children. While talking about what we would be doing Houseguards entered accusing Zaliff of the assasination plot. I swore to Darrius Stryder that I would prove my comrade innocent.

In The Life of a Noble (Maerath)

I was contacted by a Lord of House Mecetti telling me to befriend House Pelagia. I have plans of doing so already so the goal is the same.

While Houseguard Lieutenant Zaliff was showing me around we ran into an individual trying to incite a riot. We qualmed it by me making promises to do my best to bring up their concerns. Then we ran into Lord Dansen the Second who asked us to locate his adventerous son Lord Dansen the Third. We found him dueling with his friends on an island after getting a sea vessel to get to it.

The young noble challenged me to a duel, which I surprisingly lost. With all of my combat experience I was rendered to an ineffective pup. This irks me but I must feel angry about it, I must learn from it. I need to improve my duelling experience to not have a repeat of this. As someone who will need to settle disputes and gather information this duelling gives me another way of settling disputes outside of an actual fight when diplomacy fails.

After my lost Zaliff stunned the young noble and scared the others off. On our way returning to our vessel we fell into a sewer system which eventually lead to a storage area of sorts of ancient but advanced technology. I walked around and found a green gem in a room that seems to have been home to a Jedi. I wish I could find more such places. Reminds me of a past I miss.

When we finally left and returned the young noble we met with Lord Abney we reported the day and I kept my promise. Then we left to attend a dinner with Zaliff’s mentor. I got to hear an interesting story of my friends past. Interestingly I was asked to tell a story, I had to fabricate one. I told a story from a dream I had, of where I brought a girl to a gallaball where I let her mingle and in the end was confronted by a would-be suitor. When the suitor drew the blaster I twisted his wrist then broke his arm followed by his leg then on top of all of that I slammed his face into a table. I then said how I needlessly was banned from future events and got a slap on the wrist.

I detest lying but it seems my life from now on will contain a lot of it. I wonder if I’ll have another dream of my female friend, that bounty hunter I miss her.

Episode XVI: Unrest in the House of Pelagia
opening crawl

As the Empire continues to expand its influence and power throughout the galaxy, governments and people try to find their place in this dangerous new regime. However, the Expanse continues on as normal. While the Empire controls a planet in the system, the rest of the Expanse, with the exception of the Freeworlds, operates with a very basic social hierarchy and has done so for countless millenia without issue: The Noble class and the Commoners class.

The reasoning for this is that both classes believe that the Power of Rule belongs by right to the well born. However, on Pelagon the home world of the fragile House Pelagia, this mentality appears to be shifting as commoners take to the streets in protest. House Guard Lieutenant Zaliff, who is under orders to protect Abel Bishop, a House Mecetti double agent, have both come under assault while taking a tour of Pelegon…

Captured! (Maerath)

I was in a ship that was captured while traveling to the Tapani sector. Zaliff came to rescue Lord Abney an old acquaintance of ours though I hadn’t recognized him. While setting him free he also freed myself and a few shipmates from the vessel as well.

Together we removed a group of pirates that attacked us after the alarm sounded. It was after this we split ways, taking the pilot and security officer with me we battled pirates till I ultimately arrived at the leaders room. We came here cause I thought there was another Jedi here, the force presence was strong and while en route I lost the pilot who was named Tor. I’ll remember that name for his sacrifice aided the rest of us.

But instead of a Jedi, I found a female pirate captain named Coreen Starhunter. I was on guard around her, she was strong in the force but she offered me a fair deal. One that I knew I’d have to take to survive the Purge. In short I was to spy on the noble houses for her and in turn she would keep my identity as a Jedi secret. I assume she has a ploy for me down the road since she mentioned missions. I won’t deny that she wasn’t attractive.

After I met up with Zaliff and Lord Abney again we made our way out of the station without anymore encounters. On the ship I was filled in about the Tapani sector and asked to take on the identity of a noble who died in the cell. Lord Abel Bishop. It turns out that Abel was going to be a spy, and I was in turn asked to spy for High Lord Theus Paddox and leek false information. In short I was going to be a triple agent. Though I was told I had free-reign on who he would be since no one has seen him I decided I’d act more the part of a noble, likewise I should use some of my knowledge as living undercover meant to me. A personality shift was in order, I just hope I wouldn’t lose myself within it.

Episode XV: Welcome to the Tapani Sector
opening crawl

After a Pelagian vessel containing Lord Abney and a House Mecetti diplomat was raided by pirates en route to Pelagon. House Pelagia Guard Captain Sol Fedun, hoping to avoid the wrath of High Lord Bode Leobund XI, sent House Guard Lieutenant Zaliff to secure their rescue. Zaliff tracked the Pirates to the Free Worlds and found their base of operation on a small asteroid. After infiltrating the Pirate base, Zaliff locates the detention area where the nobles are to be kept. Finding not only the Pelagian lord, but five others as well…

Zaliff: Lord Abney, are you alright?
Lord Abney: Yes, but I fear my current state is the least of our worries. They’ve killed
Lord Abel.
Zaliff: Right now I’m worried about getting us off this asteroid. We can sort out our other
problems later.
Voice from back of the cell: Are you freeing us too?
Zaliff: Uh…as long as you stay quiet and can keep up.
Maerath: Zaliff?
Zaliff: Maerath? You look different.
Maerath: You as well. It would appear much has changed since we last parted ways.
Lord Abney: Maerath? Goodness, I can’t believe it! I did not recognize you. It has been
a long time since I last saw you…
Maerath: Do I know you?
Zaliff: We rescued him on Coruscant years back.
Maerath: On the landing pad?
Lord Abney: Correct.
Voice from back of cell: Can we escape now? I don’t like it here…
Zaliff: sigh We can continue this conversation once we’re safe. All I need to do is hack
the console…
Space Pirate 1: What have we here Clyde?
Space Pirate 2: A rescue mission, it looks like to me.
Space Pirate 1: Naw…looks like walkin, talkin credits to me…
Space Pirate 2: makes a dumb smile Oh yea….another slave.
Zaliff: Frack it. shoots the cell console

As the console sparks and the door slides open freeing the prisoners from their cell, the
security alarm sounds off….

Maerath: Just like old times…


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