Star Wars: League of Shadows

Aiding a Friend - Battle On The Yacht! (Maerath)

Lord Abney was upset as we rewatched a holovid broadcasting Zaliff‘s arrest. Darrius and I were tasked with proving his innocent. I persuaded the assassin with the force but his information didn’t change. Darrius knocked him over out of his chair trying to get further information but we were interrupted by a guard. After that we chose to look at the evidence, unable to find any discripincies I figured it was sliced. I copied the contents to my datapad but forgot to encrypt it. When we left the evidence room we got checked and I resorted to the force again to have him stop investigating my datapad.

We decided we needed to find a contact to assist us. With that thought in mind we visited Zaliff’s contact Royal at the Calm Waves Cantina. When we got there he was tossed out by miners which we discouraged when we re-entered with him. After a bit of time, and roughly three hundred credits we got contact information of a slicer named Tick.

Once we met Tick he gave us a run around, having to get credits, then get his slicing gear. I chose to contact my pirate friend Coreen. However she didn’t help me pointing out that even if she had the ability to help me she would have no drive or care to. Feeling more and more at a loss as to my ability to aid Zaliff I went to meet Darrius.

It seemed Darrius managed to secure the slicing gear though I have no doubt figuring how the day has been going at a cost. Returning to Tick we dealt with buisness and were told that it was either real or very skilled work and directed us to Gibson who would be appearing at a party on House Barnaba’s Space Yacht. I made a call to Lord Abney who after an hour got us to the yacht.

There we saw a rather beautiful girl who was with our target Gibson, I was informed that she had a great dislike for Zaliff. We needed to split them, after a bit they split up and I ended up in a duel. I lost my hand, once more. Making our way out of the party after some time Darrius told me about the arrangement. Then a blaster bolt interrupted our conversation as Duro Destructo and his new merry band was making a hold up. I didn’t care for his speech so I made my pressence known and as he yelled for his goons to attack me I lunged forward cutting one down and as another three moved to over-power me. As they closed in I removed all three of them in what seemed like record time. For all of his goons their numbers had been greatly cut already. I proceeded to cut down two more before turning my attention to Duro Destructo who is on an upper balcony. My gaze was interrupted as reinforcements barged in to try to outnumber us.

As the dust settled, forty duros later. I was told I wasn’t half bad by my duelist and I told him “Like wise.” we made no comment to the reporters as we left. It was just another day for me.Sometime passed as I waited on the shuttle off the yacht. Back at House Pelagia they inquired about the days actions. I found we were treated like celebrities, even I was no longer just another noble and was scheduled for an emergency operation to replace my mechanical hand once more.

At the end of the day after my surgery I was wiped. Got an encrypted call on my comlink. A raspy female simply said “We’re coming for you.” before hanging up.



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