Star Wars: League of Shadows

Assassination and Insurrection! (Maerath)

I was standing with the nobles when Sol Fedun was giving his speech, and when he was shot. Zaliff and I gave chase on the believed assassin who was on the rooftops. While giving chase I tripped over a trash can and landed in the garbage, after wards I climbed to the roofs but lost sight of him. Over the comms I heard Zaliff had a sight on him. I gracefully landed to the market below and continued giving chase.

Someone cried in the market or was it shouts? Either way Zaliff and I seperated. He decided to check out the situation while I continued chasing the man. I caught the man afer tripping him with a crate that I moved with the force. He claims not to be the man, I am unsure so I brought him to the authorities. I met Zaliff after who states he encountered thugs with military grade weapons. Suspicious to say the least.

The man I caught wasn’t the one but Zaliff’s pupil managed to capture the right one with a few houseguards. They had to solve my mishap with credits to buy silence. Zaliff told them about the military weapons and while doing so made a messup mentioning my true name but I covered it up by making it into a contact of his.

We then got a page from one of his contacts that had information for him. He gave us info of tracking Pascel Byron down in to an old abandoned church in the Warehouse District. We snuck into the church while going upstairs a child stopped me by tugging on my cloak. He told me the people upstairs looked dangerous. So I told him to take his sister and hide then.

Our surprise is ruined by a crashing sound. Parcel tosses a thermal detonator downstairs harming innocents then jumped out of a nearby window. I dropped a thug before nimbly jumping over a ledge to the level before to aid people. I didn’t think initially acting on my instinct to protect others but after a few moments it came to me to equip my Rebreather. The fire caught my cloak and I got lightly shinged and I grab the two kids that I was hoping to find and make my way out of the building. I risked my identity to use the force to leap over the flame and carry them to safety.

They were crying and clinging to me. I talked to them with a soft voice to calm them, “It’s alright now, you’re safe.” They thanked me. Zaliff came up to me saying Pascel got a way. It was alright there would always be another chance for men like him. Oddly they assumed the children were the crooks when they weren’t. I cleared it up as the Reporters wanted to interview me. I declined but the kids spoke about my use of the force and moving ‘really fast’. Thankfully the Reporters just laughed.

Back at base were hailed briefly as heroes at our triumph and rescue of the children. While talking about what we would be doing Houseguards entered accusing Zaliff of the assasination plot. I swore to Darrius Stryder that I would prove my comrade innocent.



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