Star Wars: League of Shadows

Episode XV: Welcome to the Tapani Sector

opening crawl

After a Pelagian vessel containing Lord Abney and a House Mecetti diplomat was raided by pirates en route to Pelagon. House Pelagia Guard Captain Sol Fedun, hoping to avoid the wrath of High Lord Bode Leobund XI, sent House Guard Lieutenant Zaliff to secure their rescue. Zaliff tracked the Pirates to the Free Worlds and found their base of operation on a small asteroid. After infiltrating the Pirate base, Zaliff locates the detention area where the nobles are to be kept. Finding not only the Pelagian lord, but five others as well…

Zaliff: Lord Abney, are you alright?
Lord Abney: Yes, but I fear my current state is the least of our worries. They’ve killed
Lord Abel.
Zaliff: Right now I’m worried about getting us off this asteroid. We can sort out our other
problems later.
Voice from back of the cell: Are you freeing us too?
Zaliff: Uh…as long as you stay quiet and can keep up.
Maerath: Zaliff?
Zaliff: Maerath? You look different.
Maerath: You as well. It would appear much has changed since we last parted ways.
Lord Abney: Maerath? Goodness, I can’t believe it! I did not recognize you. It has been
a long time since I last saw you…
Maerath: Do I know you?
Zaliff: We rescued him on Coruscant years back.
Maerath: On the landing pad?
Lord Abney: Correct.
Voice from back of cell: Can we escape now? I don’t like it here…
Zaliff: sigh We can continue this conversation once we’re safe. All I need to do is hack
the console…
Space Pirate 1: What have we here Clyde?
Space Pirate 2: A rescue mission, it looks like to me.
Space Pirate 1: Naw…looks like walkin, talkin credits to me…
Space Pirate 2: makes a dumb smile Oh yea….another slave.
Zaliff: Frack it. shoots the cell console

As the console sparks and the door slides open freeing the prisoners from their cell, the
security alarm sounds off….

Maerath: Just like old times…



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