Star Wars: League of Shadows

Episode XVI: Unrest in the House of Pelagia

opening crawl

As the Empire continues to expand its influence and power throughout the galaxy, governments and people try to find their place in this dangerous new regime. However, the Expanse continues on as normal. While the Empire controls a planet in the system, the rest of the Expanse, with the exception of the Freeworlds, operates with a very basic social hierarchy and has done so for countless millenia without issue: The Noble class and the Commoners class.

The reasoning for this is that both classes believe that the Power of Rule belongs by right to the well born. However, on Pelagon the home world of the fragile House Pelagia, this mentality appears to be shifting as commoners take to the streets in protest. House Guard Lieutenant Zaliff, who is under orders to protect Abel Bishop, a House Mecetti double agent, have both come under assault while taking a tour of Pelegon…



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