Star Wars: League of Shadows

In The Life of a Noble (Maerath)

I was contacted by a Lord of House Mecetti telling me to befriend House Pelagia. I have plans of doing so already so the goal is the same.

While Houseguard Lieutenant Zaliff was showing me around we ran into an individual trying to incite a riot. We qualmed it by me making promises to do my best to bring up their concerns. Then we ran into Lord Dansen the Second who asked us to locate his adventerous son Lord Dansen the Third. We found him dueling with his friends on an island after getting a sea vessel to get to it.

The young noble challenged me to a duel, which I surprisingly lost. With all of my combat experience I was rendered to an ineffective pup. This irks me but I must feel angry about it, I must learn from it. I need to improve my duelling experience to not have a repeat of this. As someone who will need to settle disputes and gather information this duelling gives me another way of settling disputes outside of an actual fight when diplomacy fails.

After my lost Zaliff stunned the young noble and scared the others off. On our way returning to our vessel we fell into a sewer system which eventually lead to a storage area of sorts of ancient but advanced technology. I walked around and found a green gem in a room that seems to have been home to a Jedi. I wish I could find more such places. Reminds me of a past I miss.

When we finally left and returned the young noble we met with Lord Abney we reported the day and I kept my promise. Then we left to attend a dinner with Zaliff’s mentor. I got to hear an interesting story of my friends past. Interestingly I was asked to tell a story, I had to fabricate one. I told a story from a dream I had, of where I brought a girl to a gallaball where I let her mingle and in the end was confronted by a would-be suitor. When the suitor drew the blaster I twisted his wrist then broke his arm followed by his leg then on top of all of that I slammed his face into a table. I then said how I needlessly was banned from future events and got a slap on the wrist.

I detest lying but it seems my life from now on will contain a lot of it. I wonder if I’ll have another dream of my female friend, that bounty hunter I miss her.



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