High Lord Theus Paddox

High Lord of House Pelagia (Ally)


Theus Paddox came into power shortly after his father died during the Mecetti Purge that saw the Empire, House Mecetti and five other houses combine forces to destroy the Jedi bloodlines and nearly destroying all of Pelagia. While Theus Paddox was rather young for a High Lord, he has grown quickly in the hard years that followed.

Most recently construction was completed on the Pelagia Star, converting it from a massive star ship to a space station and renamed her Pelagia’s Moon. Construction has also begun to re-build one of the many destroyed seascape platforms.

High Lord Theus Paddox also proposed to Simone Bathos, the daughter of Lady Bathos. With their eventual marriage it will consolidate ties with Cadriaan and strengthen House Pelegia in the long run.

High Lord Theus Paddox

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