Maerath (Abel Bishop)

A Jedi on the run from the purge, seeking to rescue a former Master in the Tapani sector.


A Jedi who had a rough time, he had a hard time getting a master and got one finally late in his life. Skilled at saber play he focused on it while deciding to divert his focus from the force which the young padawan felt inferior with. The master however died early in the relationship leaving only his saber to the young jedi.

As time passed the Jedi lost saber after saber to dangerous foes one of which was Tortuga. Likewise the young jedi went through Masters as much as he did sabers which only caused the Jedi to be disoriented and feel cursed. With these burdens on his shoulder he struggled to do his missions alongside a comrade named Zaliff.

Eventually the Empire game to power and the Jedi Purge began. Maerath ran into a Jedi-friendly Bounty Hunter who aided him in fleeing and teaching him things on the side, the Jedi wasn’t sure why she did it but a part of him was chalking it up to personal feelings he assumed she had for him or Jedi in general. After awhile they parted ways and while on his own Maerath encountered an old Master who saved him from a trap. They crossed paths with an Imperial Inquisitor and though clashed from time to time they continued to aid other Jedi while evading the purge.

In time the Jedi was trained into a Knight by the Master Elasra when he got his chance for vengeance against Tortuga but instead showed him mercy and permitted him to flee. Not long after Elasra was captured and taken to the Tapani sector which Maerath found out with the aid of his Hunter friend. Now he has come to this sector seeking his Master and hoping to evade the Purge and Darkside while doing so.

Maerath (Abel Bishop)

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