Sol Fedun (deceased)

House Guard Captain (Ally)


Sol is a stocky and heavily muscled man with blue eyes and a shaved head that has been slowly receding over the years. He has a broad face and a nose that’s been broken many times. He is proud, confident and is very good at his job.


Born as a noble, Sol quickly enlisted in Pelagia’s military and has worked his way up to Guard Captain. He is proud and confident, but knows that his time is soon coming to a close as Guard Captain. Currently there are two candidates for his position when he retires: Zaliff a war hero of the clone wars, who joined the House Guard shortly after the clone wars ended; and Darrius Stryder. A Baron who’s family has deep ties to Pelagia’s military, and has been quickly rising in the ranks due to a strong work ethic. Zaliff recently took Stryder under his wing and the two are close friends.

Sol Fedun was assassinated at a press conference while trying to calm both Nobles and commoners alike after an attack on a nobles home by a rebellious commoners group

Sol Fedun (deceased)

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