Five years have past since a Faleen scout named Zaliff, and a Jedi named Maerath fought side by side for the last time as members of a Republic strike team known as Primus Squad. At the end of the Clone Wars, Maerath dodged the Jedi purge by escaping to the outer rim, changing his identity and assuming the role of a smuggler. Zaliff remained with the newly formed Empire for a short time, but left as anti-alien sentiment began to rise through the ranks. Soon after he was hired on as a guard for a noble house in the Tapani Sector, thanks in part to his service record with the former Republic Army.

While both heroes parted ways to carry on their own destinies, the Force has once again brought these two war heroes together. In the Expanse however, their might will be tested by a League of Shadows…

Star Wars: League of Shadows

JonathanDesLauriers Eymundson