Star Wars: League of Shadows

Captured! (Maerath)

I was in a ship that was captured while traveling to the Tapani sector. Zaliff came to rescue Lord Abney an old acquaintance of ours though I hadn’t recognized him. While setting him free he also freed myself and a few shipmates from the vessel as well.

Together we removed a group of pirates that attacked us after the alarm sounded. It was after this we split ways, taking the pilot and security officer with me we battled pirates till I ultimately arrived at the leaders room. We came here cause I thought there was another Jedi here, the force presence was strong and while en route I lost the pilot who was named Tor. I’ll remember that name for his sacrifice aided the rest of us.

But instead of a Jedi, I found a female pirate captain named Coreen Starhunter. I was on guard around her, she was strong in the force but she offered me a fair deal. One that I knew I’d have to take to survive the Purge. In short I was to spy on the noble houses for her and in turn she would keep my identity as a Jedi secret. I assume she has a ploy for me down the road since she mentioned missions. I won’t deny that she wasn’t attractive.

After I met up with Zaliff and Lord Abney again we made our way out of the station without anymore encounters. On the ship I was filled in about the Tapani sector and asked to take on the identity of a noble who died in the cell. Lord Abel Bishop. It turns out that Abel was going to be a spy, and I was in turn asked to spy for High Lord Theus Paddox and leek false information. In short I was going to be a triple agent. Though I was told I had free-reign on who he would be since no one has seen him I decided I’d act more the part of a noble, likewise I should use some of my knowledge as living undercover meant to me. A personality shift was in order, I just hope I wouldn’t lose myself within it.



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