Star Wars: League of Shadows

The Bloody Rescue (Mara)

Maerath had a conversation with Hansen in the morning were he revealed his investigation and details relating to Zaliff’s assassination plot. Afterwards there was a knock on his door which he answered.


Mara was trying to locate her old friend Maerath when guards opened fire on her suddenly. Being caught by surprise didn’t stop her from turning around and putting blaster bolts into them quickly. Not long after Lieutenant Darrius got involved along with two guards who were dispatched just as quickly. She mocked the Lieutenant saying “I expected more from the fighters out here, however you don’t even match Imperials.” As Mara moved to leave she made mention that she only was sparing him due to no bounty being on his head.

Tracking Maerath to an industrial mining world, it implicated a Textile Mill. She landed at the spaceport and got off the ship she was approached by the Dockmaster who she was very callus towards. They pointed out how she looked to cause trouble with her full suit so she removed her helmet for the time being. When asked how long she would be planet-side she said not more than twenty-four hours.

A group approached her they didn’t look attractive though one seemed to appear noblely. They offered some information when questioned about the textile mill. Three hundred credits wasn’t enough to soften his lips, but a blaster bolt to one of his friends sure helped. Mara then knew of a mill that fit with a secret entrance to find. As she made her way to the destination and looked at her datapad one of the thugs came up behind her which she spun around with her blaster rifle pointed at them. The thug yelled at her saying she would pay for killing his friend, she didn’t pay much attention or care to his words. A few bolts later and without taking a hit she put him down like all the others today she made a comment, “A lot of bodies today, that guy sure makes me busy when hes involved.”

Maya continued towards her objective making good time when some punk started making comments about her figure and sex. Feeling annoyed and not having a good day just put a bolt into him and was done with it. She made her way into the building and looked around. Quickly she made note of the lone rug in the center of the room she kicked it aside and was right in her judgement, a hidden passage was there. About fifteen minutes later she had cracked the lock with her computer talents and was inside. At an intersection she moved towards the sounds of people talking. There she discovered a lot of armoured men who simply labeled her as a traitor but she shouted “I will kill you for taking what belongs to me.”

While the fight waged on Mara noticed a guard make their way to ‘take care’ of a prisoner who she assumed to be Maerath. Not wanting any of that she traded a few more bolts before jetting across the room and catching her foot on a chair and landing face first on the ground. A thug used this chance to get in a good blaster shot on her. Afterwards she picked herself off and contiued her way to Maerath freeing him and while trading idle chit-chat ladened with insults she took out the remaining thugs.

When Darrius turned the corner he almost got a blaster bolt to the face but Maerath prevented that. After some awkward conversation there and back on the ship while returning to Plegia. At the house they were yelling for guards but stopped by Bishop who explained Maya was a friend though a bit misguided. When they were discussing what happened she explain the situation and how she tracked Maerath down. They brought up her needing to leave but perhaps remaining in the sector. Instead she opted to remove her armour and leave it on her ship to be able to stay by Maerath’s side. Only she knows the reasoning behind why but she claims it is for ‘Bishop’ can buy her dinner.



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