House Pelagia


Systems: Bethal, Obelia, Pelagon

Home World: Pelagon

High Lord: Theus Paddox

Values: Through honor is a value embraced by all the houses, it is especially dear to the Pelagian noble. Assassination and lying are traits actively discouraged though acceptable in other houses. Because of this, Pelgagian nobles are masters at twisting the truth to their own ends, and often promise much less than they seem to.

Description: Once one of the most powerful houses of the Tapani sector, House Pelagia has fallen on hard times. The Jedi who were once the pride of the house proved at last to be its curse; with the rise of the Empire, the Jedi bloodlines in House Pelagia were branded as traitors and fell victim to the purge. House Mecetti had long been jealous of Pelagia’s power and influence and seeing an opportunity to cripple to House Pelagia, joined forces with the Empire.

Motivated by the fear of Imperial reprisals and High Lord Bode Leobund XI’s forces, five other houses joined with Pelagia’s old enemy, Mecetti, in opposing House Pelagia militarily for the first time. The initial battles were ferocious and for a while it appeared the House Pelagia might be able to fend off the combined forces of the other house fleets. Eventually several Mecetti agents were able to disable Pelagon’s planetary shield and the once mighty house was defeated.

House Cadriaan prevented Mecetti from totally destroying the house but it only retained 3 of its original 11 systems, eight of which were ceded to House Calipsa, and its capital world of Pelagon was devastated. All but two of Pelagon’s great platforms were destroyed and its oceans were contaminated from the bombing. Only ten percent of Pelagon’s species escaped extinction. The house lost seventy percent of its votes on the Great Council.

Although Pelagia is a mere shadow of its former self, she is slowly rebuilding. Unfortunately she will probably be a weaker House for many years to come.

Assets: Pelagia has little in the ways of assets these days. Many businesses left the house for safer climates when it became clear that the house was disgraced. However, Cadriaan investment is helping Pelagia obtain enough hard currency to rebuild. Fortunately, Pelagia is largely self-sufficient, and can provide for its own citizens.

Pelagia does have one asset; the fastest and cheapest hyper-route to Cadriaan space and the Shapani Run from Calipsa province. As long as Calipsa allies with Mecetti, however, Pelagia will charge Calipsa ships high tariffs for passing through. Peiagia lost much of its military and political power in the purge, but retained its powerful intelligence and diplomatic assets. It is putting these to full use in forming potential alliances with other houses behind the scenes.

Pelagon: The original colonists of Pelagon controlled several other nearby systems, currently under Calipsa’s rule. But most of these systems, while rich in ore. lacked easily settled worlds. Though lacking landmasses. Pelagon has a pleasant climate with warm oceans. making it a more attractive colony site.

The colonists brought raw materials from the ore-rich worlds and constructed huge platforms above Pelagon’s waves. On these platforms, great cities were built, called seascapes. In Pelagon’s heyday, over 20 of the artificial land masses, some dozens of kilometers in diameter, dotted the planet’s great oceans. But then came the Empire In pursuit of the Jedi-and with the help of House Mecetti-laid waste to all but two of the platforms.

Currently a third platform is being rebuilt, mostly by scavenging parts and materials from the other platforms. The remaining platforms are abandoned ruins, shunned by the locals who claim the restless spirits of the Jedi guard their secrets. Pelagon’s capital city is Pelagar, a majestic sprawl situated on the largest surviving platform which is over 20 kilometers in diameter.

At one time. Pelagon’s oceans were full of aquatic life from various plants and algae, to fish, and even huge reptilian-like species. But the mass destruction and fall-out from the great war has had detrimental ecological effects.

The oceanic environment is still coping with the massive amounts of contaminants released during the bombing of the platforms. Plus the wreckage of hundreds of ships that plummeted into the azure waters.

Some scientists say that the end result is a nearly 90 percent extinction rate of all species. Recently there have been reports of mutations in many of the species that survived. Pelagon’s platform cities are host to several large corporations, mostly manufacturing plants that requires huge amounts of water for cooling. In other parts of the galaxy, environmentalists tend to petition flagrant polluters. But on Pelagon, the water is already polluted, so the locals don’t really care what else is dumped into it. One of the larger corporations is the Pelagon Aquatic Components Corp., an aquatic vehicle manufacturer.

Above Pelagon is the wreckage of the Pelagia Star, the flagship of the Pelagia navy, stretching over 2,500 meters long. The ship itself is of an ancient and unknown design. Not even the combined might of three Imperial Star Destroyers and other house flagships could down the vessel. Unable to destroy the Pelagia Star, the Empire damaged her beyond repair. Leaving its shattered bulk behind as a reminder to the people of Pelagon.

The ship was converted to a space station and renamed Pelagia’s Moon. It is a freeport now. Open to free traders, house aligned traders, and fringers alike. The income generated from the space station is being used to help rebuild Pelagon’s seascapes.

Allies: House Cadriaan, the Freeworlds

Enemies: House Mecetti. House Reena and House Calipsa by extension.

House Pelagia

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